In this article, we continue our exposition on all the common lottery terms from 'K' to 'N' that you need to know. As you continue to read and learn, make sure you continue to follow on our subsequent sequel articles for all the other terms in the remaining alphabets.



kiosk is an electronic device for lottery tickets. They are situated at lottery distributors' kiosks. Most kiosks feature a number checker function that allows players to know if they have won.



This is a law term established by most local jurisdictions. It is a game with three parts for the players: a prize to be won, a chance to win and not win and an element of consideration(such as buying a ticket). It is good to keep in mind that lottery games include games such as: draw games, instant games and raffles.


These are the members of the board who have a supervisory power over all of the lottery organization. The Lottery Commission is always appointed by the governor of the state.


Lottos usually have large jackpots. A lotto uses a single ball draw machine containing "Y" balls and the order in which the balls are drawn is not part of the terms of winning. Also, Lotto games offer only one play option with several winning conditions. Keep in mind that certain individual lotteries with the name of lotto may not conform to this definition.


It can also be called cash option. It is a single prize payment that is different from annuity payments. The value of the lump-sum is based on the bond rates used to buy an annuity.



These are Lottery games that offer more than one jurisdiction. These games accrue bigger jackpots than jurisdictions could achieve on their own. The prize is shared by all active jurisdictions. Examples includes megabucks, hot lottos, tri-state and lucky for life in the United States.


This is an add on game feature in which the payout is picked through a random process before the game is drawn. Note that progressive jackpots are never multiplied.


This is an opportunity for players to play the same numbers in multiple future drawings.


The public name of a special lottery game or elements of a lottery game to avoid confusions. Market names are used to differentiate the games from each other. For example: Illinois plays a "pick3" number game while Indiana operates a "Daily3" number game.


The first jackpots offered by a progressive jackpots lottery immediately there is a winner check out jackpot MINIMUM INCREASE: The smallest amount that a progressive by if no winning tickets is drawn.



A form of lottery in which 2 to 5 balls machines each draw a single ball numbered between 0 and 9. These games usually provide a plethora of play options. Examples are pick 3 and daily 4.


Number checker is a device for comparing a player's selected numbers with the drawing results.


This is a tool for making a selection for a particular lottery. A large percentage of number generators pick a number from the set of all possible options.