In this article, we will be concluding our exposition on all the popular lottery terms from 'T' to 'Z'. These are common terms that you need to know. It is necessary to make sure you read up on our previous sequel articles for the preceding parts of these terms in the remaining alphabets.



This refers to an electronic device that is utilized by lottery retailers. They use it for several functions like checking results, printing tickets and managing payouts etc.


This is a bearer document that shows evidence of entry. It contains necessary information such as the players selected numbers, the play options selected and the drawings which the player has entered.


Unclaimed numbers:

This is simply a ticket that has been won and legally sold but unclaimed by a player before it expires.


It could also be called cold or overdue numbers that display less frequently than expected.



Validation is a gradual process which every lottery ticket passes before confirming that it is a winning ticket and has not been claimed before and the prize amount is correct.



This is a conclusion reached by two parties to use the result of an unsure events to determine a financial agreement between the parties. The rules and regulations of the financial agreement are established before the unexpected events happens.


The winning condition for wheel is that the numbers that have been picked by the players are drawn in any order. Wheel is apparently last option offered in number games. Here, the player picks a set of digits equal to the number of digits to be drawn in the game. Keep in mind that the winning condition of a box is the same as the winning condition of a wheel but the prizes are different.

Wheel lotto games:

A way for buying tickets in a bonus or lotto game in which the player chooses all combinations possible of a subset of the field of numbers.


A winner is the owner of a valid ticket whose selection meets the winning conditions of a lottery game.

Winning conditions:

These are the conditions which a players selection qualifies for a prize. There are several conditions to be qualified as a winner for example; in lotto and bonus lotto games a single ticket may have multiple winning conditions which doesn't exclude those that are needed to win second-tier prizes or to win the Jack-pot.


It is a word used in number games. It makes reference to the play options of wheel or box. With this policy, a player wins if the numbers selected all appear in any order. There are multiple ways which the winning conditions can be met. Example if a player selects 1-2-3 in a three-ball numbers game and chooses the box play option there are six ways they can win.